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Web Application Development

Platform agnostic application that you can access from anywhere

About the Service

Web Application service has a plethora of utilities and sub-areas that help our clients get the best value.

If you are looking to create an application that should work irrespective of

  • Where in the world you work from
  • Which operating system you use
  • Which web browser you use
  • Which device you use (desktop, laptop, mobile…etc.)

and can scale on demand for your growing user base, this is the solution for you.

In very basic terms, a web application resides in the Cloud and brought to your web browser over the internet. (There can be exceptions but this is the most common situation) Any number of users can work on it simultaneously and it doesn’t need to be installed.

If this is the right solution for your business problem then you may consult Hyperspace as we have created multiple web applications for multiple domains using multiple technologies.

Our previous solutions include

  • Simple Interactive Websites
  • Highly specific travel itinerary planning applications
  • A financial reporting system for a small to a medium-sized service organization…etc.

Hyperspace is highly specialized in some technologies as it helps to deliver the maximum value to our clients

  • HTML 5, CSS
  • Javascript frameworks (Angular and Vue)
  • PHP 7 (focused on Laravel framework)
  • Java 14
  • SQL
  • Typescript
  • AWS

We are also really good at some technologies

  • .Net Framework
  • C#
  • Python
  • Azure
  • React.js

If you feel like that this is the right kind of solution that solves your problem, do send us a message for a free consultation session with one of our experts. Let’s talk about a solution that works for you and scale with you!