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Real-Time Applications

Real-Time Applications by Hyperspace

About the Service

Being notified about information in an instant is the need of the time. In situations such as a customer taking an action or a change in a business asset, it is vital to know about that at the earliest. You don’t need to wait anymore. If you are in a need of connecting with your business whenever you want, wherever you are, then talk to Hyperspace.


Our real time applications

Our active involvement in real time applications will completely amaze you. We have already created such kind of an application for Unilever’s Quality Department and startups on vehicle data which will instantly give you any quality related defects. Have you ever though that working on such applications are rewarding? It is also interesting to see the evolving data. Hyperspace has a driven and passionate team for this purpose. If your dream is a real time application, Hyperspace is right here.


We are always available

It is crucial to know whenever a change happens in your business, call us upon to assist you in such instances. May it be Web, IoT and Mobile Applications or any other technology, Hyperspace will lead you there. Just assume that your requirement is telephone, ticketing system and even Facebook or plain SMS, we will make you satisfied by always being available for your needs.