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Mobile Application Development

Bringing your Startup idea or Business Solution to Mobile Dimension

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Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are software that runs on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The billions of smartphone sales today are highly influenced by a variety of mobile applications in the Google Play Store and Apple Store among a few other stores. As people keep their mobile phones in a few meters of distance with them at all times, bringing your business solution to the mobile sphere is a great idea.

However, as we have many mobile platforms (at minimum focused on two) we’ll have to develop these applications completely separated from each other and maintain two code repositories and most of the time, two separate teams. This introduces many maintenance issues not to mention the time and costs it takes to develop two disconnected apps at best sharing a few common services.

This is why Hyperspace is focused on Hybrid Mobile Application Development. This is the approach where you only develop one application and deploy it to all the platforms. This technology helps maintenance, time to market, and helps to reduce the cost significantly.

The only concern earlier was accessing phone hardware features like accelerometers, GPS, camera…etc. using the hybrid approach. However, with new versions of Ionic and Google Flutter platforms, this is no longer an issue. Unless you are developing something in the scientific domain; hybrid applications are the smart choice.

Hyperspace has a great case study on developing a hybrid mobile application for an event held at Hotel Shangrilla with participants from 50+ countries. We had to develop a full event management app that supports research article submissions, live QA features, live polls, taking notes…etc. for both Android and Apple platforms. Those apps were developed by Hyperspace using Scrum and delivered great value to all the participants which made us official partners of all the future conferences.

We used the Hybrid Platform called Ionic for that development and now we are moving into the platform called ‘Flutter’ which was introduced recently by Google. This has even better features with support to stunning visuals.

If you feel like that this is the right kind of solution that solves your problem, do send us a message for a free consultation session with one of our experts. Let’s talk about a solution that works for you and scale with you!